Services... Beyond Bins!

How We Work

From single rooms to whole-house reorganization, we know what it takes to transform your living environment. However YOU define a happy, functional home, we make sure 

YOU get exactly what you want.... and it all begins with a contact from you!

  • Time and money are important to everyone. That's why our initial on-site visit of up to 1.5 hours is provided free of charge, and all future work agreed upon will be spelled out in a clear contract that fits your calendar and budget.
  • Typically, our rate for on-site work is $80 per hour. That gets you both Stella and Grace with their collaborative efficiency, plus a lot of added value such as Instagram-worthy design insights and non-stop brainstorming,
  • We can also help arrange additional services, such as professional cleaning, haulage, or small repair or construction jobs, with no up-charges.
  • Depending on the scale of your project, we can work with you to create a Total Project fee and schedule for overall cost efficiency. 

On-site Services include: 

 Bedroom - Bathroom - Kid's Space - Family Room - Home Office - Living Room  - Garage - Pet Space - Storage Facility - Hobby Area - Moving Projects - and more!

  • Identify key clutter areas
  • Determine storage needs
  • Shop your home! Interior re-design using what you have
  • Customized space-planning
  • Personalized shopping
  • Reclaim and repurpose space everywhere in your home