My garage is now part of my home tour when people visit!"

"I'm a neat person, but as my daughter became a toddler and we added two dogs to our family, there wasn't a single presentatble space to sit down with friends and socialize. Stella & Grace added small changes - a room divider, a breakfast nook, a dedicated play table, a rug/coffee table that tied the whole living room together. The result? A HUGE improvement to how each room worked.

The best part was an ingenious way to transform our garage into an extension of the house that includes flexible storage, a work area for my husband, and a dedicated space for MY sewing/crafts projects. It's the first place I show to visitors!"

- Jenny A.

My mom wouldn't let ME touch her stuff. Stella and Grace worked miracles."

"I was amazed at how much trust my mother placed in Stella and Grace. They were very respectful of her and her belongings, and understood the importance of sentimental items. They always made sure the final decisions were hers, and at the same time made sure that I could relax and live with how the place looked. It was much easier to keep up with everything from day to day and it will be a breeze to move her stuff when she has to move out of her home."

                                                                                                                           - Anita J.


What People are Saying!

“These gals are NOT 1-800-JUNK."                                                "If you think that organizing is just a matter of making bins for what you want to keep, recycle, or trash, you're in for a very pleasant surprise. Stella and Grace offer so much more. They focused on how I want to LIVE in my home, with insight and ideas that really work."

   - Holly K.


Stella (left) and Grace (right)